SEO Services

We employ the scientific method, machine learning, and data science to deliver SEO results—and our approach works!

Scientific method involves forming hypotheses, conducting experiments, and analyzing data to validate or refute these hypotheses. In the context of our work, we use the scientific method to test how changes in website content, structure, or backlinks affect search engine rankings, and we learn from these experiences to conduct new experiments.

By using custom machine learning software in our SEO efforts, we don't limit ourselves to the capabilities of tools available on the market; instead, we go beyond these boundaries and extend them.

Our data science skills help us derive insights from tens of thousands of SEO data records, which we obtain from sources like Ahrefs, Majestic, and Semrush, enabling us to make informed decisions.

Our clients

VeePN, a VPN service with more than 2 million users per month, is our client. It competes with well-established brands like NordVPN and Hotspot Shield. Such a high-load and data-intensive project requires us, as an SEO service vendor, to make informed decisions that should be backed by data analysis.

N-IX ranks among the top 10 largest IT consulting providers in Ukraine and is in the top 100 worldwide. Its corporate website operates in a hyper-competitive environment, where international giants like IBM and Accenture compete for the same keywords and organic traffic as we do.

LeafIO is a retail automation software project. We are helping LeafIO enter the Latin American market and expand its presence there. LeafIO originates from ABM Cloud, an international solution provider for business automation and decision making in logistics, warehousing and many other fields.

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