Marketing the Way It Should Be

We help software companies maximize the return from marketing investment.


Build Disciplined Marketing Operations In-House

Marketing can't be outsourced. Passing off the responsibility for growth to a third party vendor will always result in a failure. We can't replace you. But we can help you set up internal marketing operations with people who will work in your company, grow with you and ultimately take over the leadership in marketing. Yes, we want you to eventually fire us.

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What Gets Measured Gets Done

If your company is like most, you spend a ton of time on marketing tactics without any real plan. Frustrated about not seeing any fruits of your labor, you think that marketing is a waste of time. And it is. We prevent pointless marketing by planning it carefully and measuring results as we go.

Marketing and business are aligned

Marketing is a revenue-building machine. To avoid chasing vague growth perspectives, we align marketing with your sales plan.

Clearly defined audience

Effective marketing is narrow-focused. We gather data about your target customers and develop strategies that resonate with your audience.

Regular measurement and improvement

We set up baselines, define outcomes and the ways to measure them for every action we're implementing in marketing.

Disciplined marketing operations

Marketing operations must be disciplined and agile. We transform your processes so you could see results from your efforts.

Volume, quality, and speed

Poor marketing results are often an “execution problem.” Our methods improve the quality of work and performance of your team.

Data-driven strategies

Building a marketing strategy without data is like shooting in the dark. Our strategies are built on insights pulled from the analysis of data.

Are You Missing Out on Your Opportunities?

We will find gaps in your marketing strategy and evaluate your existing processes to maximize your returns from marketing.

Two Teams

We leverage the power of cooperation by combining our efforts with those of our clients' in-house marketing teams. When our collaboration is finished, you are left with a mature marketing operating model, knowledge and assets needed for effective marketing operations.

Niche Focus

With our background in the tech sector, marketing for software companies is where we can best apply our knowledge. Keeping our client portfolio homogeneous helps us accumulate the best practices in the niche and concentrate on what we love most.


Partnership Matters

We are deeply involved with our clients. 


"I reached out to Kaiiax when we just started marketing as we didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this field. They made a great contribution to building our marketing team, tuning all the processes, and choosing a strategic direction. They made a significant impact on how content marketing works at RubyGarage now."

Vladimir Vorobyov
3 years together

"The results of our cooperation with Kaiiax have left us more than satisfied. Starting from the earliest stages of working on our project, Kaiiax team helped us properly lay a foundation for it and think through the important details. Worth mentioning, there have been no issues with communication and the quality of their services in the process."

Viacheslav Pomonarov
3 years together

"We've worked with Ian and Kate for several years when they were in charge of business development and marketing at Yalantis. We've scaled our marketing department from scratch into a sustainable and thriving part of our organization. Today content is a strategic business asset for Yalantis."

Alexandr Kholodov
4 years together

Marketing is in numbers