Better intel. Better decisions.

With better intelligence, you will make better decisions. We increase the quality of your operational and strategic decisions at all levels of marketing management by systematically collecting data and extracting important insights from it.


3I-in-One: Market, Competitive and Business Intelligence

The mix of 3I – market, competitive and business intelligence is an effective method of getting a clear picture of what happens in your business environment and externally. Market shifts, competitor moves, technology updates – we monitor what happens in the industry and foresee possible occurrences that can affect your business. We help you develop effective strategies on how to adapt your business and overturn the seemingly threats into opportunities.


From Reactive to Proactive Responses

There will always be changes in the external environment that you can't control. Your competitors launching ready-made solutions where you have none; a new technology that is attracting more and more customers; platforms you depend on are changing their market focus – instead of making hasty decisions to the problems that occurred, you need to act in advance.

Enable Intel in Marketing

Our approach to marketing that relies on data saves you from many errors helping you reach your goal faster and with a smaller budget.

Take helicopter view

What’s your overall business strategy? Are you still on the right course? We will look at your business from the outside to help you make the big-picture strategy decisions. These decisions are the basis of marketing.

Minimize uncertainty

Thinking over an optimal growth strategy? Uncertainty is your biggest obstacle. We help you define opportunities according to current market conditions and clarify the unknowns by evaluating possible outcomes and risks.

Compare and act

The knowledge of how you stack up against the competition leads to the right strategic vision. We constantly monitor your competitor's moves so you could compare your marketing performance and improve your tactics.

Marketing is in numbers