Throwing Ourselves into the Unknown

Kaiiax is made from a combination of the word Kayak and a letter X. Kayak is a boat design that has been around for at least 4,000 years. X is a symbol that represents the unknown. Kaiiax is a verb that means throwing yourself into the unknown. Because this is the best thing you can do to yourself.


Contribute to Growth

Our mission is to help technology entrepreneurs grow their business. We discovered that the major problem that prevents businesses from prospering lies in how they organize their operations. With an efficient operating model, a business can grow without a limit. We create, transform, and improve our client's marketing operations so that they could grow faster.



Why We Started Kaiiax

Have you ever been in a comfort zone? A wonderful stress-free place that you feel familiar with and in control of. The last time it happened to us was right before we started Kaiiax. Never moving forward and never growing, we realized that we were stuck in our comfort zone. To step away, we had to stop doing things as we’ve always done. We had to explore what we’re capable of doing and what we could accomplish. This exploration led us to start Kaiiax, our way to move forward and discover new, however stressful and unpredictable this journey might be.

Are You Missing Out on Your Opportunities?

We will find gaps in your marketing strategy and evaluate your existing processes to maximize your returns from marketing.

Our People

We're a small team on purpose. Our main economic asset is intellectual property rather than resource capacity.

Our Values

Solve challenges

In business, there is no shortage of new problems to solve. We navigate difficulty better than others. Persistence, research, and creativity – if you can't solve a problem, you're probably missing one of these ingredients. Luckily, we have all three of them.

Apply new

Change is in our DNA. We don’t stand for any particular philosophy, approach or idea, but we are curious to learn and practice them whenever it makes sense. We have a better chance of long‐term success if nothing remains constant.

Predict next

Be the first and you will get the best chance to win. Being able to foresee what happens next has helped us succeed many times. We're constantly working with data, so our predictions aren't based on the guesswork but on data-driven insights.

Marketing is in numbers